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    Protecting your homes in Western Australia with pre-slab treatments

    Ausmic Pest Control offers various forms of pre-slab treatments, suitable for new construction projects throughout Western Australia. Whether you’re a construction builder or homeowner-builder, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the right pre-slab treatments are used the first time.

    Pre-slab treatments are best carried out during the construction process to prevent costly damage to your domestic and commercial properties in the future. Once termites attack, treatment options are limited, so make sure you treat this process as a necessity.

    We currently use the Atlis System and Homeguard treatment, as they are both an excellent choice in safe guarding your homes and businesses. Read on to find our more about our chosen pre-slab treatments, or call our friendly team to arrange an onsite consultation.

    Atlis – Termite Reticulation System

    The Altis System has been protecting homes, extensions and commercial buildings for over 15 years. Altis uses reticulation principles to deter termite attacks to buildings.

    • Installed under concrete slabs prior to construction and around the exterior to provide a chemical barrier when charged with a registered liquid chemical.
    • Uses the emitter as the delivery mechanism for the system.
    • The emitter also acts as a back flow preventer and stops grit and roots entering the pipe.

    Advantages of the Altis System include:

    • Structures require only one chemical injection point
    • Cost-effective and less obtrusive to your property
    • Emitters ensure the correct amount of chemical is delivered to areas being treated
    • Can be used on sites where there is a 5-metre height difference between chemical injection point and other sections of the site
    • Operates effectively in clay even if clay subsidence occurs
    • Can be installed in new and existing buildings

    HomeGuard – Precision Termite Management

    When building your new home, insist on using HomeGuard. You will have total peace of mind knowing that your family and pets won't be affected by harmful chemicals or sharp protruding edges. Your new home is protected by a proactive physical barrier system that blocks, repels and kills termites.

    Advantages of HomeGuard pre-slab treatments:

    • Kills, repels and physically restricts termites from the building
    • Kind to the environment, non-invasive and odour-free
    • Effective on termites in all regions
    • Lightweight and approved for building works in all states
    • Won't corrode, crack or delaminate
    • Backed by a full 10-year warranty
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    Call us today on 08 9725 7177 to find out more about our cost-effective pre-slab treatments.

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